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Welcome to Krazy Kats Karaoke, the site for karaoke singers, karaoke jockeys and karaoke information, packed with tons of karaoke articles, tips, advice, humour, a bundle of new stuff all thanks to our users continued support! Read the Site News for latest updates.

Karaoke! by Tracey Howard-BakerKaraoke!

The fun book for all karaoke lovers.

What is Karaoke?
Karaoke was introduced to the UK from the Orient. It is a form of 'self-entertainment' that was provided by bars, clubs and restaurants for the amusement of Chinese and Japanese business people.  The word 'Karaoke' means 'Empty Orchestra' and the participant sings along to a 'backing track' whilst reading the words from a lyrics book or television screen.

Some venues have their own in house karaoke system but most employ a dedicated KJ or KC (Karaoke Jockey or Karaoke Compare) who supplies the equipment, discs and track listings.  You choose a track from the karaoke book, write the song name/number and your name on a slip provided then get up to sing when the KJ calls your name.

There are also several 'Home Karaoke' systems which you can use via your computer, video, hi-fi or television.

You do not need to be able to sing well to participate or become a Karaoke Jockey - just tons of enthusiasm, good sense of humour and a love of music!!

Inside this site you will find articles and tips on singing, becoming a kj, equipment, basic karaoke equipment system advice and set up instructions, practice your singing online with the online players, find and download free karaoke tools like lyrics plugins and karaoke players, or find karaoke game ideas, sites for children, karaoke gifts, books, players, songbooks, tracks or complete karaoke systems in the new Karaoke Shop!

Our Karaoke Forum contains sections for venue listings, karaoke competitions, Karaoke & DJ Associations, general discussion and KJ's/Singers can now list their services ;-)







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