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An amplifier is the machine that boosts signals sent through its processor. This increase is passed through the system (often via a mixer) and exits as sound from the speakers.

There are different types of amplifier, including pre-amps, powered amps and slaves. Using them takes a certain amount of sound engineering and electronics knowledge, especially if they go wrong!!

As the heart of the P.A. system it is an important component which should be chosen with care. They can be expensive and should not be purchased without advice and basic instruction in set up and use from an experienced professional.


Mixers come in all shapes and sizes and can be capable of handling 4 to 32 separate inputs - they allow the user to control the volumes, equalization, tone and effects signals.

The inputs can be placed at the top rear or front of the mixer with outputs to speakers, monitors and recording equipment located at the rear of the unit.

Many professional units have on-board effects and some are available with their own inbuilt power source.

There are several types of control slider, button or knob depending on the type of mixer. A standard mixer should have separate controls for each line in plus overall main volume, monitor and effects control.

Although the majority of mixers are accompanied by a manual, it is advisable to ask a knowlegable friend to help you set up and use your equipment until you are confident in operating it correctly. It's NOT hard, just a lot to remember if you are inexperienced in this area.

Combined Mixer Amps

The best option for most karaoke operators and certainly the easiest to set up and use is the 'Mixer Amp' (Example pictured at top of page).

A mixer combined with an internal amplifier and power unit has distinct advantages over separate systems for the average user! It is lighter to carry and comes as one main unit.

The outputs to speakers and monitors are usually located at the back of the unit whilst all inputs and controls are at the front or on the top of the machine.

This integration of components means less wires to connect and a faster set - up time. The quality of these smaller units are comparible to some more expensive separates and often contain excellent features including a variety of adjustable effects, eq, jack, cannon and phono inputs and separate volume controls.

Always purchase the best quality you can afford! A minimum 100w system will be required for most pubs/clubs but if you can afford it go for a 300w system - this should last you for years and be capable of providing a good sound for most types of venue.

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