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Check out this selection of links to free fun online (mainly music) related games at other websites or browse our Music Games and Free Downloads with other freebies. All links below are to external sites and open in a new window.

CBBC Music Games Section
Tons of neat interactive musical games for children, animations and applications including: 4 O'Clock Rap, Beat Busters, AC/DC, The Academy, Alesha's Dance Off and here for Gruesome Gig, Rowdy Remix, Rotten Rehearsal, Superstar DJ and more!

MuseArts Cartoons
Ok so it's not a game.... but do check out their animated cartoon theatre, especially the Sound of Music, complete with interactive singing Guinea Pigs (Rodgers and Hammerstein Special!!!) and A Christmas Carol. (Requires Flash)

Roadies Rage
A Roadies task is never easy. And especially if they have to be done in a time limit. So ride your bike quickly but safely through the streets to reach your destination on time.

Exploring this site will help you learn the ins, the outs, the ups, the downs, the power, the glory, and the potential humiliation of playing in a local rock band. Learn by example through the experiences of a hypothetical band! An animated look at life on the road. (Warning: Some cartoons may contain swear words unsuitable for young children).

Rock StarterRock Starter Band Creator
Create your own rock band online! Name your band, choose your musicians, pick the riffs, play various styles of music, make them louder, quieter or move 'em round the stage. Click image to play. This game requires shockwave and takes a while to load on slow connections.

Rolf StyloVirtual Stylophone
Remember the Stylophone? Drift back to the days when weedy sounds and diddy electronics were the answer to every aspiring muso and songwriters prayers. Go on Play that Tune!

Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Online version of this popular tv game show from ABC. You'll have 30 seconds to select your responses and to confirm that it's your final answer.

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