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Home Players

There are a wide variety of karaoke players designed for personal home use which offer most if not all the facilities of a professional karaoke system!

Although some of the functions may be limited, the home karaoke machine usually has alternative features which enable the user to make any karaoke party go with a swing without the need for a full p.a. system.

Features usually include the facility to play CD's, CD+g's and/or audio cassettes plus mic inputs with seperate volume control, effects like echo or reverb, pitch control and vocal changer. Some even have a radio and twin tape decks with continuous play and record capabilities so you can record your efforts!

A typical home karaoke system needs to be connected to a television and hi-fi system to operate fully, although some many have an integrated speaker. Whilst the latter may not be provide great quality sound if it is accompanied by seperate speaker outputs then the system can also be used with quality speakers, hi-fi or even a p.a.

Important features to look for are:-
1. CD+g capability
2. Separate scart socket and lead
3. Separate mic volume controls
4. Video Out Jack
5. Integrated speaker
6. Audio Out (left and right phono and/or jack)
7. Audio In - for use with an external player
8. AC power adaptor and battery operated
9. Headphone socket!!

The latter appears to be omitted on many current home systems - an extremely annoying defect that manufacturers need to address, especially in systems with integrated speakers. OK for parties but annoying for neighbours who don't want to hear you practicing your karaoke skills all day and frustrating for users who would like the ability to shut off the main speaker and rehearse quietly!!

Home Player Set Up

Setting up a home karaoke system should be as easy as plugging in a few leads and connections!!

Before beginning turn all volume levels to 0 on your television, stereo and karaoke machines and the power is OFF. Place the karaoke machine on a flat level stable surface away from the tv and hi-fi to avoid interference.

Do not restrict the air flow of the unit by covering it with a cloth or placing it on a carpet or obstruct the ventilation holes on the rear or side panels.

Check your manual and make sure that you have all the correct leads available. This should include a scart lead or tv to video lead for connecting the Video Out on the karaoke machine to your televisions 'Video In'.

Phono or Jack leads are required to connect from the Audio Out on the karaoke machine into the Audio In on your hi-fi or amplifier.

Using a Jack lead, connect a microphone into the 'Mic In' at the front of the karaoke machine.

Ensure that the rated voltage of your unit matches your local voltage before connecting to the power source or open the battery compartment and insert the battery size recommended by the manufacturer.

Once everything is connected, plug the unit in and switch the power on.

Turn the microphone volume and the main volume on the karaoke machine up by one notch, then slowly turn up the main volume controls on the television and hi-fi whilst speaking into the microphone. The volume should be at an acceptable level without any 'feedback' or 'distortion'. If you encounter either of these effects, try the following:-

1. Turn the volumes down on each piece of equipment.

2. Point the microphone away from the speakers.

3. Move the karaoke machine further away from the stereo and/or television.

4. Turn the 'Tone' control down a notch.

5. Adjust the eq on your stereo (take the top end or high frequencies down a notch).

One or all of the above should correct the problem, although you may have to repeat the procedure until the feedback/distortion disappears.

Insert a CDG disk into the CDG Player, check that the function is set to CDG position and press play. Switch the television over to the channel you normally use for watching a video or press the 'AV' button on your remote control. The words and any accompanying images should now appear on your screen.

If you cannot see the words/graphics then you may have to:-

1. Check the video cable is plugged in and not loose

2. Retune the video channel until the words appear

3. Retune another channel for use with the karaoke machine

If you can see the graphics but are unable to hear any sound when playing the CDG try:-

1. Check the television 'Mute' is OFF

2. Check the volume is set to minimum

3. Check the Audio In cable is plugged in correctly

No Sound or Graphics when playing the CDG?

1. Check the video and audio connections are plugged in and not loose

2. Check that it is a CDG disc and not an ordinary CD inside the CD tray

3. Has it been placed into the CD tray the right way up?

4. Is the graphics disc dirty or scratched? - use a CD cleaner

You should now be up and running!! Please note that the pitch control which slows down or speeds up the track allowing singers to perform the song in a different key, usually only controls the tape player on home machines - audio karaoke cassettes do not provide a graphics display.

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