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Most children love music and karaoke can be used as a learning tool both at home and in the classroom. Karaoke appeals because it is easy for anyone to follow with the added bonus that it helps to improve reading skills and builds self-confidence in a fun, enjoyable way. The player displays the song lyrics right on the television screen in time to the backing music, children read the words as they sing along to their favorite songs, increasing their vocabulary and improving their reading skills. Parents or teachers can sing along, add more difficult songs or let the child progress at their own pace.

Home karaoke machines are reasonably cheap, some are self-contained units and others can be used with your existing TV and Stereo simply by plugging in just a two or three leads. This ease of use makes them a popular item as matinee entertainment for family restaurants, childrens parties, school functions etc., where even shy kids can have a go in a safe environment and gain confidence in front of an audience.

Cheaper options are available for computer owners, who can find plenty of freeware, shareware and commercial Karaoke Tools that allow the user to download, listen, play, create, edit, record or connect to the internet and stream karaoke online!

There are several dedicated childrens karaoke sites who provide simple songs like nursery rhymes or interactive music games suitable for all ages including our own Childrens Karaoke section. More child friendly karaoke sites are listed below. All links open in a new window.

BBC Childrens Music Games
Fun educational music games for children 8month to 3 year olds. Parents Note - tons of other activites and tips at the CBBC site including their dedicated Childrens Karaoke and from the TV series Balamory Karaoke

Disney Kids Karaoke
Walt Disney Records Online Karaoke Player contains songs from films like Jungle Book, The Lion King, Lady and the Tramp and other favourites. The tracks are only partial - not the full song but you can always buy the karaoke disks! Realplayer demos of many songs on their childrens singalong albums are also available. Unable to find it at the site, may be available to registered members.

A site of children’s songs, with words, music and in some cases Real Audio. There are traditional songs, action songs, songs to teach the alphabet, silly songs and food songs.

Llerrah's Online Kids Jukebox
Small but nice selection of childrens songs, lullabys and nursery rhymes in midi format. No lyrics so it helps if mums know the words!

This family friendly site contains tons of fun interactive stuff for children including send a letter to santa, stories to read and colour, games to play and much more for children, parents and teachers.

PBS Kids
Music section has a great selection of music orientated online games suitable for young children.

Sing Along With Me
Easy songs on midi with words and fun, original animations for the entire family to enjoy.

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