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Karaoke and Midi creators, editors and players are freely available on the internet in various formats. The designs and options provided often depend on the cost and programmer/designers preferance or ability but the majority have standard features which you can access from within the program. Some of the most desirable features to look for when considering using or purchasing karaoke software are listed below. Read the latest on Player Vulnerabilities, visit the Home Players page for more comprehensive features and set up advice or click here for free karaoke and music players, editors and creators, also browse the Karaoke Software Shop for details of commercial karaoke software programs.

Customised Font and Color
Options to change the default font and karaoke colors allow the user to customise tracks and/or look of the work window.

Full-Screen Karaoke
Maximize the karaoke or editing window to fit your computers entire screen.

Keyboard Display
Watch the notes of the song in real-time on a simulated keyboard as the track plays.

Key Transpose
Change the key of the song in real-time, into one that is more comfortable for your range by using the pitch or key transpose without changing the .kar file.

Equalise your song by adjusting the bass, mid, treble or increase/decrease the volume with the mixer functions.

Arrange your favourite songs into a Playlist for continuous or random play. Create seperate themed lists or catagorise songs by key/tempo/style.

Record your voice whilst you sing! This feature has started to appear on some of the higher end karaoke software programs and allows the user to record their voice in real time along with the track. Various effects like echo, delay, reverb are offered by some companies, but do slow up the computers processor when in use.

Use this feature to start a song at any position.

Tempo Control
Change the speed without changing the pitch of the song. Useful for learning the song!

Track Mute
Mute the melody line or various individual instruments. Each instrument is recorded seperately mute one or all unwanted tracks.

Track Solo
Listen to the individual instrument part. One click on the track solo mutes all instruments except the one you have chosen.

Handy Links

Barts Page about Aspi
Aspi stands for Advanced SCSI Programming Interface. Originally developed by Adaptec. It is a software layer that enables programs to communicate with SCSI (and ATAPI) devices. Barts page covers all aspects of Aspi and includes free drivers/downloads so if your player will not work or you need a new driver read this first!

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