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The following are a collection of multimedia and karaoke freeware, shareware and demo players, creators and editors that can be downloaded by clicking the players name or from the authors website. Some of these programs are demos which may have function limitations or time restrictions that can only be unlocked by registering or purchasing the full version. These players vary in capabilities and may be limited to particular file formats or functions so read all information and try out the free demo versions to ensure it offers the capabilities you require before purchasing or registering. Prices may change at any time as can the version which may be upgraded or improved so please visit the authors site for full details.

Please Note: These downloads have been collected together for your convenience. Programs marked with ** are ones we or trusted friends have used and to which we have formed an affiliate association (in other words we like them and if you decide to purchase the full versions you will also be helping to support the site as we receive a small commission). At the time of writing the players listed here do not have the ability to record your karaoke performance - this type of player/recorder is available in the Karaoke Software section. We are unable to download and test all the listed programs and advise users to check all downloads with an anti-virus program.

** Karaoke Island MP3 Karaoke Player **
Free basic mp3 karaoke player and premium version which provides recording capabilities. The site also supplies "Sing with your PC" Karaoke CD-ROM Series, which will turn your PC into a Karaoke Machine plus karaoke midi files, mp3 karaoke tracks and custom karaoke CD+G disks.
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Digital Music Pad
Full featured all in one software for audio manipulation and playback. Edit, Burn, Split, Join, Organise, Play, Add Effects, create Karaoke LRC scrolling lyrics. Great player with Virtual Studio Technology Effects, DX Effects, Auto Normalise, Pre-Amp and more. Tons of other features.

Juke 3.61
player for all your sound, music, and video files, and also including music CDs. It allows you to create mixed playlists easily by dragging and dropping. Juke plays .wav's, .mid's, .mp2's, .mp3's, .mod's, .avi's, .mpg's, .mov's and many other file formats. Use DirectX plug-ins to turn Juke into a professional music production system with an equalizer, compressor and limiter. Language support for English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian.

The JustKaraoke 2.0 Hosting Software is your digital solution. Complement JustKaraoke with a Song Book Creator and a Request Kiosk system. Developers also have several other interesting karaoke and music programs at their site.

Transform your computer into a professional MIDI Karaoke MP3 player. Plays MID KAR RMI MP3 WAV WMA containing lyrics. Full functional unlimited Databases management (MS Access format). Programs, Controllers, Tempo, Key change. Mute, Solo, Melody On/Off, Turbo start, Chords finder, auto-reformat text, etc. KarAll also plays and manages video files (WMV, MPG, AVI, ASF) and Compact Disc (CDA)

Karaoke Pro
Karaoke Pro Producer helps you synchronize the lyrics to CD quality music, with or without vocals. You can even redo karaoke songs you buy that have out-of-sync lyrics. By strictly following the International CD+Graphics specification, KHProducer creates karaoke songs to write to CDG discs that play in Karaoke Machines.

Karaoke Song List Creator
Create complete karaoke song lists, print song request slips, cd labels, add and sort lists

MIDI and MP3 karaoke player with kar editor. Shareware Kar and midi lyrics player. Site also contains a Midi Converter to convert midi type 1 to 0 and type 0 to 1 and Karaoke software for dos.

An evolution of Songs-DB which has free and pro versions. The free version functions include music management, track identification, renaming and tagging, playlist creation, music and podcast download, sync and backup to devices, record, convert, burn and play, reports and more.

Polyhedric Software have several neat music related programs available for download, including the FREE Mellosoftron, a Wavetable playback and recording application for those without wavetable cards. You can also find a sampler / sound editor, GS Library CD-Rom, WAVmaker, Virtual Sampler and a couple of other goodies.

Mikey Player
Mikey (formerly named "WinKaraoke") you don't have to edit the MIDI files to add your karaoke (like other karaoke programs do): with the Mikey Editor you can easily create your own karaoke files or convert your existing *.KAR files to *.MIK!

Create, convert, organise, record and play mp3 and music files, burn CD/DVDs. Download the free trial or purchase for $19.95

An audio file player application designed for the PC. Comprehensive remote control functionality, supports mp3 and ogg, displays album cover art, designed to accomodate lower resolution of tv screens, ID3 tag editing, manage playlists, operates with keyboard/mouse and/or remote control runs on Windows 2000 & XP. Free 60 day trial version or purchase for $19.95

Ots Labs CD Scratch
a FREEWARE, funky and incredibly fun "Virtual Turntables CD Player" performing the seemingly impossible... Play two songs from the same CD at the same time - one forwards and one in reverse! Scratch a CD track back and forth like a record, or listen to your favorite CD automatically mixed between the turntables. DJ your next party like a pro, or enjoy the optional warm vinyl-crackle ambience on your latest CD. Perfect for music lovers and aspiring DJs, CD Scratch is the ultimate CD player for any Windows machine and is less than 1Mb to download FREE for life! (No spyware, no banner ads).

Passion Audio Player
This FREEWARE player is based on the BASS API 1.7 by un4seen. It supports a variety of plugins and formats including mp3, ogg vorbis, mpec, windows media, wav, wma, sonique, Freedb and features include eq with visual effects and presets plus playlist editor.

Gives you the ability to play the music YOU want to hear, WHEN you want to ! Whether its located on CD # 433 or on a local network HD ! You get a list of all your music, if the music is on a CD, Play[EX] tells you what cd to find. Play[EX] is now Open Source software.

Create CD+G songs from scratch, use any mp3 or wav files as soundtrack, type or import lyrics, convert .kar to CD+Gs. CD+G authoring tool. MIDI Karaoke Import Wizard simplifies the process of converting MIDI Karaoke (KAR) songs into CDG songs. Now you may convert all your favorite MIDI songs into CDGs! Free Demo available. Prices range from $89 to $149 depending on wether you want the basic or plus version, upgrades for previous versions are also available. Also find the Power CDG to AVI Converter, a tool that allows saving CD+G or MP3+G track as an AVI movie for playing on computers.

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