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The following sites contain midi, kar, st3, mp3 and other audio files that are free for personal use. There are a myriad of similar sites on the internet, but please take note of copyright notices and purchase legitimate files for live performance or commercial use from one of the many Karaoke Track Suppliers. All links last checked Nov 2009 and open in a new window.

Free The Midi
Do you enjoy surfing the web for personal webpages? Do you enjoy the background music? How do you feel about a silent web? If you have midifiles on your site you may be at risk of court action or your site removed without notice by the isp, see what personal webpage creators are facing!

Public Domain Music
Begun in 1998, Public Domain Music now features over 2000 MIDI files, with text file of their lyrics, of 19th century America popular music with emphasis on the works of 15 composers, including the complete works of Stephen C. Foster and Henry Clay Work, as well as music of the Civil War, hymns, spirituals, minstrel songs, ragtime piano music, blues, folksongs, and pre-1923 music.

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Alan Chia's Chinese Midi Homepage
Ancient Music of Ireland
Aria Database Opera Midi
Classical Midi With Words (in several languages)
The Internet Renaissance Band - Early Music Midi Files
Classical Midi Files at MidiWorld
Edwardian Musical Comedy Midis
Espace Francophone : Karaoki (in french)
Free Midi
Free Midi Org
Free Music Finder
Hamienet Midi and Lyrics (various languages including English and Chinese)
Irish Songs - music, lyrics and midis
Jpop Karaoke
Karaoke Midi - French site
Karaoke Version
Laura's Midi Heaven
Madrigal Midi Files
Midi Karaoke Library
Rolandg800 Chez - French .kar files
SeeWise Cyber Midi
Standard Midifiles on the Net
Taylors Traditional Tunebook

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