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Missing your karaoke fix? Unable to find that track or artists song you want to sing along to? Try the links below which are packed full of a huge range of songs varying from oldies, rock, pop, country, hindi, spanish, portuguese, french, italian and latest hits for you to choose from!! Online players and other resources suitable for young children are now available in the karaoke for kids section.

Packed 200 English and French Songs to sing online, browse by artist - site is also written in both languages.

BBC Childrens Karaoke
Sing along to your favourite TV show characters songs or the Play Day song.

Free Cante player and Brazilian and International karaoke songs.

Cantolopera - Opera Karaoke
The virtual opera house first and only tool offering recordings, multimedia and on-line products that enable you to SING, LISTEN and LIVE the opera, accompanied by an orchestra made by over 130 musicians, singers and chorus. You can RECORD and then LISTEN to YOUR OWN interpretations. You will be both protagonist and spectator in a unique and exciting experience. Site available in English or Italian

Classical Midi with Words
Featuring art songs with synchronized lyrics and translations hosted by the REC Music Foundation who also provide a shareware program for Windows which plays their midi files and present the synchronized dual-language lyrics simultaneously. Midi song files available in English, Scottish English, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and German.

site features parodies of popular songs using karaoke-style backing music with vocals provided by audio pronunciation samples from online dictionaries. All of these songs are available for download in MP3 format on the main index page. (NOTE: Parental Guidance Advised as some tracks may be unsuitable for children)

Diversi Tune
Online player and songs which are also available to download. Plays .kar files, MP3 and Audio CD's with words. Also works with Tune1000 format. Web version requires Java enabled on your computer.

Tons of free midi karaoke songs to sing online or download to sing offline.

Geetnet Hindi Karaoke
Includes MP3 Karaoke, Urdu dictionary, Hindi and Western midi playlists with songs you can sing online - includes chord names!

Small easy to install and use player that recognises kar, mid and mk1 files. Site also contains lots of songs in these formats to download in English, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, French and Esperanto.

Jerry's Christmas Jukebox
Join in and sing along with the singing christmas tree.

Karaoke Haven
Sing online with this collection of youtube videos.

Karaoke Party
Sing karaoke online and get a score based on your performance. Practice your singing and increase your score. Free trial available.

Portugese site with English, Spanish and Portugese songs in kar and st3 formats.

Karioke Bar
Free online karaoke site.

Lucky Voice Karaoke
Sing online from anywhere. Paid subscription service with free trial.

Tons of karaoke files plus a tutorial about how to create your own karaoke file, and links to kar, midi and tab pages.

Sing anywhere with their apps, free trial with registration.

Ronan's Online Karaoke
Choose from over 180 popular songs and sing online to these midi embedded files with the song lyrics displayed on the page. (no scrolling or note indications).

Online karaoke community. Free registration required to sing and record online.

Sing To The World
Commercial cdg retailers with over 2000 songs for streaming online charges monthly.

The Midi Palace
Continually growning small selection of Indian & Pakistani Midifiles created on a Yamaha PSR-640. Visit the archive to play or download the songs.

This Is Karaoke
Free and premium memberships

Dont forget - many karaoke tracks are provided in an easier key to sing than the original, therefore you may find that the karaoke operator has a different arrangement or key than the record.

Visit our Singing Tips for advice and information on how to improve your voice, the Computer Karaoke section to discover how your computer can help you find, use or discuss karaoke, or the Equipment section for tips and advice on everything from accessories to software plus grab some free Karaoke Tools to create, edit and play karaoke.

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