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Freeware, shareware and demo software that lists or catalogues music including mp3, midi files, albums etc., on your computer to keep track of your collection. Visit the authors sites for the latest updates or download from the links below. Click Here for software players, creators and editors.

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Accsi Software
Selection includes Music Database 2000, Disc Jockey and Music Collector Database Software to organize your music collection or music library and Event Planning Software for DJ's and Event Planners.

Argentuma Corporation
Original software products including Argentum MyFiles can be used as a file cataloger, a music organizer, a family photo-album, a software library and more.

Software authors of MP3 Manager 2 which works with existing MP3 Players to organise and access music files, store album cover images, search drives and folders for MP3's in seconds, mass edit tags, build webpages and more.

MP3 CD Organiser helps you to get all your mp3 files organized. Once the program has scanned your CD's and harddrive(s) you will always know where to find a song. It has powerful functions to search through the database. Organizer also frontends Winamp for easy playback of the songs that you have put on the playlist

Chequers Software
Various programs including the MP3 Detective, a powerful program, with a simple user interface, which you keep on your desktop for easy access, which allows you to search all your music folders or drives for MP3 music with specified text within their names. Simply click the results names to play the song. The program requires VB5 Runtime files and a free trial version is available for evaluation purposes.

Has provided this small application that will keep tracks of all files played in Sonique and built a HitList over time the Top10 List Creator for Sonique and a version that includes setup, readme text and vb runtime files are both available as FREEWARE.

Code | Aero Homepage
CDDB software for CD and MP3 collectors. Music Label let's you catalog virtually any music collection. With powerful CDDBČ support, there is no need to manually type in data... Just insert the CD and click one button.

Listings, links and downloads for a wide range of mp3 utilities like playlisters, updated regularly with user reviews.

Dapyx MP3 Explorer is a powerful and yet easy-to-use MP3 database manager for storing and searching information on collections of MP3s. You can try out this trial version for 30 days, payment and registration is required if you wish to continue using the software.

The Advanced CATaloguer has several functions including the ability to catalogue any file, read other cataloguing software database formats and search for files by name, size, modification or date/time. It's multilingual interface caters for 16 languages and there is support for Windows XP themes. The download is restricted version which requires a licence to be purchased to unlock all the functions.

Produce various organisation software including CATraxx a powerful database program designed to help you maintain an inventory of your music collection. You can quickly catalog your collection by downloading CD data from CDDB - the worlds largest music database. 30 day trial version available or purchase online (various prices depending on version).

Gammadyne Software
Produces programs for windows including >DJ Jukebox powerful playlist generator and media file manager which supports all media players, all media file types, network remote control, commercials, repetition prevention and more. The shareware version is limited.

This site is in Italian, although an English version is under construction so again the details are brief, however mp3Album is pretty easy to find in the downloads section and there are a bundle of mini screenshots which seem pretty clear. The software is FREEWARE although not sure if there is an English version.

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