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Freeware, shareware and demo software that lists or catalogues music including mp3, midi files, albums etc., on your computer to keep track of your collection. Visit the authors sites for the latest updates or download from the links below. Click Here for software players, creators and editors.

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MP3 Explorer
Find all MP3 and WMA* files on a local/network drive or at a given path with this freeware program. Organize files automaticaly by artist, album, or by genre, manage pictures and lyrics available in English and French.

Organises and catalogs MP3 and Ogg files. The free version is fully functional, except for a limit of 500 files that can be stored in the archive.

PrimaSoft PC Site
Contains dozens of organisers for different applications including Music Organizer Deluxe software that allows music collectors, audiophiles, hobbyists, dealers, and clubs to organize, catalog, and manage their collections on their PCs. Organizer is intuitive and easy to use for the beginner, at the same moment feature-rich and powerful enough to satisfy the most advanced users. Download free trial version.

The Tag&Rename mp3 organisereasily organize your music collection using the embedded tag data, write new or edit existing tag information, create id3 tags based on file names, get tags information from freedb, or servers.

The Millstone Website
Has a bundle of stuff in their downloads section, including MP3 Explorer an extensive organizational tool for MP3 music files. It shows a heirarchical view of your music, letting you see what's available instantly, and has features to automatically rename files and generate HTML table music listing.

Specialise in library and database software including Music Library a CDDB-Enabled database program that can help you manage and organize you music collections such as MP3s, audio CDs or tapes plus is packed with features. This Shareware program is fully functional for 30 days after which payment of $24.95 is required for the unlock code.

Written by Tobias Lind, this is a shell for WinPlay3. It is a 32-bit application written for Windows95 used to create, organize and play playlists with WinPlay3. This program is Postcardware, which means that if you like it you send a postcard to the author. Address supplied at site.

Software for organising, sorting, changing, manipulating your MP3 files The Complete MP3 Manager - Produce complete catalogue listings of your entire MP3 collection in text format for your own purposes, or in HTML format for publishing on the Web, completely customisable for your requirements plus a variety of other functions. Evaluation version lasts for 30 days after which registration is required.

Zerobyte Software
Suppliers of the FREEWARE lets you easily add files to MP3Base Database from hard drives, cd-rom's and networks using an intuitive and user-friendly interface plus tons of neat functions.

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