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Tips and advice for karaoke singers

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Singing Tips Index

1. Choose songs or artists that you enjoy and are easy for you to sing along to.

2. Sing along with the original record to see if you can reach all the notes.

3. Listen and learn where the music and main vocal starts, stops and instrumental break begins and ends.

4. Think about where you need to breathe! Usually before each sentance - if you 'speak' the words through then take note of the places where you naturally take a breath.

5. Record yourself singing using a tape recorder or your stereo for later review.

6. Practice in front of a mirror so you can see what you look like when singing - try not to pull faces and relax.

7. Rehearse the song until you know the words and melody line off by heart - although knowing the words is not necessary when using the karaoke screens, it helps you sing better when you know the song well.

8. Drink plain water (without ice) before you sing, it helps to lubracate your throat and vocal chords plus prevents them from becoming dehydrated.

9. Sing normally - don't shout - the microphone is sensitive enough to pick up your voice and the operator should adjust the mics volume if you cannot be heard.

10. Smile when you sing a happy song - it reflects in your voice!

Most important.................Enjoy yourself & have FUN!!


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