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Although some karaoke machines have their own inbuilt speaker, if you want to run a professional sounding karaoke night then good speakers are a must!

These range in size, shape and output capacity so take some time to look around and try out different makes before purchasing.

Always make sure that the speakers are compatible with your Amplifier/Mixer Amp and Karaoke Machine!

A simple set of two speakers placed on speaker stands are ample for most venues but you may prefer to look at split systems which provide 'Bass Bins' and seperate 'Mid/Top Speakers'.

The Bass Bins rest on the floor. A speaker pole is placed in the hole provided and the Mid range speaker is placed on top of the pole. This speaker is then connected to the bass bin with a speaker lead and another speaker lead is connected from the bass bin to the Mixer or Mixer Amp.

There are different types of speaker connections and it is important to ensure that the speaker leads have connectors that are compatible with both the speakers and the mixer. The most common types of connectors are jack plugs which can be mono or stereo and plug straight into the system, the other type is similar to a cannon plug but often requires a twist to the left or right once in the socket to secure the lead in place and complete the connection.

First time buyers should try and obtain all the P.A. equipment in one go, most reputable dealers will be happy to provide demonstrations and may throw in some leads and/or stands with your purchase. Always ask the shop staff to show you how to set up your system and take an experienced friend or associate along to provide an independant opinion.


Monitors are used on stage to help the singer and karaoke operator to:-
1. Hear themselves sing
2. Monitor the overall sound

The monitors do not give a true indication of how the mixture of backing, vocals and effects sounds - that can only be achieved by walking around the room when sound checking and during the course of the evening, however, they are an excellent way of gauging the volumes, tones and effects settings plus allowing the operator to adjust the controls quickly when problems are indicated.

There are two types of monitor.

1. Slave monitors
A slave monitor is connected to the P.A. using a speaker lead from the 'Monitor Out' connection which can be located at the front or rear of the mixer/mixer amp. The volume produced by the slave monitor is controlled by the mixer - some units have a seperate monitor volume control, but otherwise it is adjusted when you use the main volume control along with the speakers.

2. Powered monitors
This type of monitor has its own power lead which is plugged into the venues power supply. A speaker lead is connected from the 'Monitor Out' on the mixer into the 'In' of the monitor. The volume and tone produced through a powered monitor are controlled by its own on board controls which should be used in conjunction with your mixers monitor volume control. Due to the extra boost provided by having its own power and controls it is easy to set the monitor level too high, causing feedback - always set all settings and volumes to '0' before switching the monitor and P.A. on and turn the controls up slowly until you reach the desired levels.

A rarely considered aspect of the powered monitor is its ability to be used as a basic amplifier in emergancies. Whilst not recommended for long term use - it is easy to plug your karaoke machine into the monitor and run a lead out to the speakers if your amplifier breaks down!! Not the greatest of sounds, or an alternative to using a P.A. system but very handy for keeping the night going when you have an technical emergancy!!

Both types of monitors can be used in conjunction with several others using leads to connect between each monitor.

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